Precious Home Going...

We have been informed that today looks to be the precious home going day of our Pastor Bruce. Oh, for this to be the day we see the face of Jesus! For our life's work to be done! We plead comfort and peace over Donna, Mandy, Brian, and Eric. Our great God will hold and sustain, and escort a faithful man "absent from his body, present with his Lord." Thanks for joining us in praying and focusing our lives on today's work that lasts for all of eternity, as was the practice of Bruce Miles!



Trick or Treat Street 2017

This years outreach was amazing to be a part of. About a month in advance, I challenged my local Jesus family to put their 'scribe' skills to practice and join me in hand writing 1,000 scripture verses on 3x5 cards to be distributed on Halloween night. My challenge was accepted and all were prayed over, and given out in individual treat bags. God's words. God's outreach. We are tools in His Almighty Hands.


We had fun dressing up like a Bible Hero for Awana..Cordell and Kenan were James and John (Sons of Thunder) :)

and we had Isaac as Joseph in Egypt, Zaria as Moses adopted mom, Zakera as Queen Esther, and Jacob as the Apostle Paul. Love it.

and we had Isaac as Joseph in Egypt, Zaria as Moses adopted mom, Zakera as Queen Esther, and Jacob as the Apostle Paul. Love it.

Babies of the family Unite!

I've always known I was 'special'. I got a fair amount of attention from many different avenues growing up. Attention came from my parents, my siblings, as well as other adults whose children were already grown, and out of their homes. I had many mature influences.

Now, my definition of 'special' may be different than yours, especially if you wear the title 'first-born', but as the baby child of the sibling group in my family, I can testify to life being somewhat all about me. I was a tad spoiled, in all the best ways....and let me just say, maybe I wasn't supervised to the extent that my three older siblings were. I grew up confident, and able to entertain myself pretty well.


My dad had a nickname for me: 'pistol'. I had never been quite sure how honestly I came about having it titled to me, until now.....Enter stage left: our precious 3 year old, Zakera Joy. This baby child is special....don't get me wrong, I am not playing favorites. All our children are special gifts from God, but I understand, and can relate to this baby thing. She is loud when she perceives she is being wrongfully mistreated by her siblings, she is ferociously attached to sitting on my lap, she doesn't share well. Sometimes she gets spoiled in all the right ways, and no one can fault her for not being able to entertain herself, even if it means with a marker on her face! Needless to say, the name 'pistol' is being lovingly passed on. She is learning and growing each day into the delightful woman God made her to be.

Look out! It's back!

Thanks for hanging in there! Marand had this site down for some time now....but here we go again! You know who you are....the dedicated few...thanks for being our family. WE LOVE YOU!

I got the gracious opportunity to offer mercy to one of our children tonight. We both left the conversation crying. I'm one who's big on parenting 'in the upside down funnel' - tight and strict when they are young...then loosing up the widening space as they get older. Decisions and choices have consequences. They are loved too much to not teach them that. But there are those blatant, God-appointed, times where it just makes sense to offer them grace. The child knows full well the choice that was made comes with a price, yet his penalty is taken by another, their burden lifted. How beautiful to take time with a guilty conscience to talk about Jesus. He did that for all of us, for me. I'm guilty. I deserve death, He took my consequences. I've basked in grace, getting what I don't deserve. Just like the coin in your pocket says: "In God I trust".


Oh the irony of burned popcorn...not to mention the lingering, putrid smell. A mere 15 minutes before date night with my man finds me juggling an impossible amount of things, all while just trying to ready myself. I hoped to smell of one who had freshly showered, but that was not to be. There is a mound of the evidence dumped outside the back door. I left with an odor in the house, on my clothes and hair that lingered well into the date night. Good thing my husband loves me regardless of my 'smell', the sitter and kids still got non-burnt popcorn for the movie, and the kids got a good laugh out of me racing through the house to dump it!! Just keep juggling folks, hang in there when things stink, love people, seek God.