Look out! It's back!

Thanks for hanging in there! Marand had this site down for some time now....but here we go again! You know who you are....the dedicated few...thanks for being our family. WE LOVE YOU!

I got the gracious opportunity to offer mercy to one of our children tonight. We both left the conversation crying. I'm one who's big on parenting 'in the upside down funnel' - tight and strict when they are young...then loosing up the widening space as they get older. Decisions and choices have consequences. They are loved too much to not teach them that. But there are those blatant, God-appointed, times where it just makes sense to offer them grace. The child knows full well the choice that was made comes with a price, yet his penalty is taken by another, their burden lifted. How beautiful to take time with a guilty conscience to talk about Jesus. He did that for all of us, for me. I'm guilty. I deserve death, He took my consequences. I've basked in grace, getting what I don't deserve. Just like the coin in your pocket says: "In God I trust".