Post Christmas Sick

So we got back from an amazing two week Christmas with our fabulous family, and promptly got sick. What a bummer these last 4 days have been! The fevers, the coughing, the sore throat, have laid roots in some and have rapidly spread to others! Not to mention Mama got it, and heaven knows, when she's down it's a sad set of circumstances!

Now, don't get me wrong. I'm SO grateful that we were relatively well through the break, and of all days to be 'down' these didn't have us missing much, but I'm even more thankful to feel well enough, to sit and write a post!

We got to see Zoo Lights this year with Grandma Christine and Mama Sarah (Jacob's birth mom). Jacob was beyond excited to hear that a new baby brother was joining his other half-brother Aiden! Sarah's husband Matt, and Marand also got to come...they just missed the photo!


Then Christmas in LaJunta: We are blessed immensely by my Mom and Papa Don for sharing their space for with all of us for two weeks. They are super grandparents! These get togethers tends to happen every other year and boy we make them memorable.  My Brothers Dan and Kevin, and sister Becky (as well as Kathleen, Mary, and Jeff) are so good at being Uncle and Aunt...


and the big cousins make it fun for the little cousins! SO grateful for their entertaining!



Christmas was delightful. Some of you know, and can see her center in the photo below, that Mama Angela (Isaac's birth-mom) joined us for this Christmas! That was huge. She was blessed. We were blessed. And I covet your prayers for her continued good decisions and choices as she attempts to put down new roots in OK. How amazing is our God to give us varying people He wants us to love on.

So that is our last few weeks in a nut shell. Our song for this year was 'Go tell it on the mountain' and we were challenged to spread the love of Jesus everywhere we could this coming year! Thanks to all of you who sent cards/gifts/spoiled us rotten. We were blessed immensely by our Jesus family! I hope you can say the same, and that your Christmas' were worshipful!