Mom Therapy

I say 'no' a lot. I have to. Cut me some slack, before you think ill of me.....I have little people constantly asking me things like:

"Can I have a snack?" (it's 1/2 hour till dinner)....'No'

"Can I not do 'this' part of my schoolwork?....'No'

"Can I jump off the top bunk and land in these blankets?" 'Please, no."

"Can I have more 'media' time?"....'No'

You get my drift...I could go on and on....but I'm trying to do better - to intentionally love and enjoy this time with 'littles'. It will soon be done. So...when Isaac comes and asks if he can make a paper snowflake...I envisioned the waste, my time consumption, not to mention the tiny pieces of paper everywhere mess! I think of careless littles with sharp objects! But thankfully, I say 'Yes!'...and we end up cutting, laughing, cleaning up, and hanging snowflakes for much of the morning. Mom Therapy. I needed that.