My Becky and I are 11 years apart. When I pause to praise God for my sister, He inevitably brings to mind many great memories. Sharing a room and bed, me purposefully laying down to sleep across the pillows so she would have to wake me up when she came in, and crying when the time came for her to move out....

Rachel Becky_thumb.jpg

I'm so grateful for the relationship we've cultivated over the years! I pray that for my girls...just 6 years apart, but it's fun to note similarities between us...


The little one may always look to her big sister as the 'pretty', more talented one, but boy does she exhibit spunk and fortitude! and the older one may unintentionally belittle the younger one with the sign she places on their room door:


But that's o.k. ! At least here name is there. Sisters are Super. Especially when they are JESUS sisters as well. I praise God for mine.