Life. Ups and Downs

It's a bit cliche' but 'life is full of ups and downs'. If you've lived any length of time, you know it to be true. One beautiful mountain evening, your kids are playing in the yard, while your husband and you, are swinging peacefully on the porch swing....the conversation actually included 'joking' about how 'rough' a life we had...and just like that, in mid swing the hook securing the swing to the roof snaps off and you find yourself on the ground, with your husband crushing you and your calf muscle under the swings seat! Yes. True story folks. My lower right leg bears the bruised proof. But by the grace and mercy of God, that is the extent of the damage. Crazy down of life. Hits you out of nowhere, makes sure to keep you humble, and in right standing before God!


Mother's day love. Aunt Suzy makes beautiful things...and I'm LOVING mine!!