We find ourselves in a day and age in which our minds and eyes are bombarded with information. It’s easy to sit back and just take it all in as the God-honest truth and allow it to shape and form our emotions and thinking, especially things from our ‘trusted sources’, but I truly believe doing that is much to our detriment.

There are always two sides to every story; Multiple angles history was seen and recorded from, and so many behind the scenes happenings in news reports that would ‘soften the blow’ if they were reported on in a different manner. Unless I am the eyewitness, on scene, lived life with for a time, observer, I must be vigilantly careful in how I process any information.

The Human Race is selfish. Kindness does not come naturally. Power is sometimes abused, not always. Not all Christians are Christ-like. Moral people don’t always act morally. The Bible is often quoted out of context. Not all light skinned people are privileged or treat those different than them badly. Not all marginalized people think they are treated unfairly. Not all people in Colorado like to hike or ski. Most families have members who are choosing to see sexuality as something definable. Not all republicans voted for our current president or agree with things the government does, nor would we choose to live in a different country. Not all suicides or mass shootings stem from ‘mental illness’. There are some people in places of authority who are power-fed, mean individuals! Police officers are people with really hard jobs; we have to cut them some slack! Not all social workers are working with correct motives, many of them are. Not all situations are good all the time – nor are they inherently bad!! I find myself sitting back and getting apathetic and doing/saying nothing or veering the other direction and letting my emotions scream of the injustices!

My mind's life gropes fervently for balance.

How do we navigate it? How do we move forward, how do we keep reading, keep empathizing, keep doing our best to hold the good lines and speak out to change the bad ones? How do we determine if a good, well-intentioned individual, who usually acts with a level head, is now making bad decisions and choices? How about a law that is meant for protection and safety but is now working for harm?!

And Maybe toughest of all….how do we not lump ‘all’ into the group that only belongs to the ‘extremists’! How do we truly open our eyes and see truth?

I venture to say, we can’t….. unless we have personally observed it, or have complete trust in one who has.

I have to quit. I have to let some ‘stories’ be just that; part truth, part exaggerated propaganda. I can’t allow emotional responses based on other human opinions, or even video or photos.

I will keep walking with JESUS. The One who “before Abraham was, I AM”. I’ll keep reading the truth from the only Book that is active and lives, that was Divinely inspired, words from my Maker. I’ll choose to open my eyes and ears to see and hear. To help by loving, by daily choosing to act and speak when I’m around circumstances I can change for the better. I’ll choose to think of every person I meet as one made in the image of God, a divine appointment for me to point them to HIM.